2020 Toyota Hilux for sale – Brand New 204hp pickup

2020 Toyota Hilux for sale – Brand New 204hp pickup

  • New 2.8-litre engine for 2020 Hilux facelift – biggest engine of any new UK pickup now
  • Revised appearance makes Hilux look tougher, revised chassis should mean it drives better
  • Upgraded interior, improved performance, on sale now

The touchscreen includes Bluetooth, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, though only top-spec Invincible X models get sat-nav and the new 800W, nine-speaker JBL sound system as standard.



2020 Toyota Hilux for sale – Brand New 204hp pickup

Toyota has revealed full pricing details of its new Hilux pickup, on sale now. With a bold new design, a revised chassis for improved comfort, and a new 2.8-litre engine for top-spec models, the 2020 Toyota Hilux gets an instant performance boost to compete with the most powerful rivals. We’ve added further technical info to this story now, outlining the changes in more detail.

Boasting 204hp, 500Nm of torque and improved on- and off-road driving behaviour, it would seem that Toyota has the makings of a really great truck here for both working and lifestyle buyers. Keep reading for all the official info we have so far, and to view the latest pictures.

Is the 2020 Hilux all-new?

Toyota is referring to it as the ‘new Hilux’, but really this is a ‘renewal’ of the existing model, which first went on sale in the UK in 2016. So the fundamental chassis and body structure remain the same. Which means it retains the strong ladder frame chassis design.

However, as you can see from the pictures, the panels that clothe that body have been given a really good going over, creating what to our eyes looks like a very handsome and muscular pickup. Most of the images here are of the range-topping Invincible X model, but even the very entry-level Active grade gets a new look as well.

Specific visual changes that are worth checking out include the more ‘three-dimensional’ (…!) front grille and bumper design. There are also LED front and rear lights, depending on the trim level, and new 18-inch alloy wheels with a contrast finish. The funky new shade of paint pictured here is called Titan Bronze metallic.

The Invincible X benefits from a number of specific body modifications to make it look even tougher. We’ll come back to this below.

Engine changes for the 2020 Hilux?

The real crowd-pleaser here is sure to be the new 204hp 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine labeled the 2.8D, which is over a third more powerful than the 150hp 2.4-litre motor (labelled 2.4D). That 500Nm torque figure is also a 25% increase over the 400Nm the existing engine musters. The 2.4D will continue in lower spec models.

The big 2.8D is likely to make a dramatic improvement to the driving experience, especially in combination with a new electronic control system that functions like an active limitedslip differential at the rear.

This is fitted from Icon grade upwards, and helps improve traction when driving in rear-wheel drive mode (H2) by directing torque to the wheel with grip while automatically braking the other wheel to stop it spinning. It’s activated by a single press of the VSC Off button for the electronic stability control.

For trickier off-road situations there’s also Active Traction Control (A-TRC), which only works in low-ratio four-wheel drive mode (L4). This meshes with the active differential, and the combination is said to be ‘more efficient than mechanical alternatives.’

Hill start assist in standard on all models, with Toyota’s version of hill descent control – Downhill Assist Control – fitted on Icon models and above.

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